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What is cocaine?

Cocaine, which is also known as coke or benzolmethylegonine, is one of the strongest stimulants available out there. People often tend to use cocaine as a recreational drug. If you are such a person, you can buy cocaine online from our store. Cocaine is often snorted. It can deliver a variety of effects to your body. For example, you will be able to experience intense feelings of happiness, lose contact with reality, and get feelings of agitation. In addition to that, you can experience numerous physical effects such as large pupils, sweating and fast heart rate. The effects of cocaine will come on your way within few seconds or minutes after consumption.


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Buying Cocaine Online

Cocaine is extracted out of cocaine leaves. You can order cocaine online from our store and get them into your hands. Before you purchase cocaine, you need to keep in mind that it was initially developed as a painkiller. It comes in the form of a powder. You will have to sniff this powder and take it in. Then the powder will get absorbed directly into your bloodstream via the nasal tissues that you have. As a result, you can experience the sensation offered with cocaine.

Cocaine is in a position to create a strong impact on the overall central nervous system of your body. It can act as a stimulant and enhance the neurotransmitter dopamine levels within your body. As a result, you will be able to regulate pleasure levels in your body in an effective manner. You can purchase cocaine from a premium cocaine supplier like us and enjoy all the effects that come along with it.

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The Effects Of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs there are. It is a drug that ups your alertness, attention as well as energy. It is usually referred to as one of the strongest stimulants currently existing. Cocaine is made from the cocoa plant that is usually grown in South America. Since this plant can only grow in that region, it makes the cocoa plant scarce and expensive. Other names used for cocaine include Coke, Snow, Rock, Blow, Crack.

How Does Cocaine Work?

Most users snort the white-powered cocaine in their nose. Some rub it on their gums while some dissolve it in water and inject it their veins with a needle. The rock crystal cocaine is heated up, and the smoke gets breathed in through the nose. When the cocaine gets absorbed into the body system, it sends a high level of dopamine, which is a natural chemical messenger in the body, into the parts of the brain that control pleasure senses. The build-up of this dopamine thereby causes an intense feeling of energy and alertness, which is referred to as a high.

Cocaine Addiction

Due to the fact that cocaine is an extremely addictive drug, which makes it easy for a lot of individuals to get addicted to taking cocaine. When an individual craves cocaine while wilfully ignoring the serious consequences that come with taking it, this is a sign of cocaine addiction. When an individual takes cocaine way too often, they begin to develop a dependence on it. That is, they would require a dose of cocaine before they can be their normal self.

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Once an individual develops a dependence on cocaine, the person begins to have an increased tolerance level. Also, with this dependence comes withdrawal symptoms that will occur when an individual stops using the cocaine. Due to the high level of cocaine causes high dopamine levels in the brain, cocaine addiction is always difficult to stop. This is because the dopamine levels would have reprogramed the brain reward system.

Short Term Effect Of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine, as explained earlier, causes a short-lived high that is usually followed by the exact opposite (intense depression, a craving for more drugs and edginess). Also, it causes increased heart rate, muscle spasm, convulsion, paranoia, anger, hostility and anxiety.

The continued use of cocaine due to addiction can increase the risk that the individual will experience a heart attack, seizure, stroke or respiratory failure; any of the following could lead to sudden death.

Other short-term effect includes the following:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased blood pressure, body temperature
  • Contracted blood vessels
  • Dilated pupils
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Nausea
  • Hyperstimulation
  • Bizarre and erratic behaviour
  • Hallucinations
  • Hyperexcitability
  • Tactile hallucination 
  • Intense euphoria
  • Depression
  • Intense drug craving
  • Panic and psychosis
  • Sudden death from overdose.

Long Term Effect Of Cocaine Addiction

Dope fiend is the word used to describe the negative side effects of cocaine addiction. With the increase of tolerance due to dependence, it becomes increasingly necessary to take greater quantity to get the same amount of high. Cocaine addiction can cause diverse side effects in the long like psychosis and constant hallucination. Cocaine addiction makes an individual need more and more of the drug just to feel normal. It also leads to a loss of interest in other areas of life. The depression can be so intense that it makes the addict willing to do almost anything to get the drug when they come down from a high. Also, in the case when the addict cannot get the cocaine they need, the depression can get so intense that it might drive them to suicide.

Effects of cocaine

Other long term effects of cocaine addiction are:

  • It can lead to permanent damage to blood vessels in the heart and brain 
  • High blood pressure that can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and ultimately death
  • It can also lead liver, kidney as well as lung damage
  • Destruction of tissues in the nose
  • Respiratory failure if smoked
  • Infectious diseases and abscesses from continual injection injected
  • Malnutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Sexual problems
  • Infertility 
  • Disorientation, apathy, confused exhaustion
  • Irritability and mood disturbances
  • Increased frequency of risky behaviour
  • Severe depression

Wrapping It Up

It is usually better to stay away from cocaine because the use of cocaine can lead to cocaine addiction. Plus, it could expose you to the numerous medical complication that comes you with cocaine use. Although, if you are interested in knowing how cocaine is made, you can find out here. However, if you are interested in buying cocaine online, then green pharmacy is the best place to go.


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